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Premium slavic hair


Where it come from?

100 % natural slavic hair

Premium Slavic hair is carefully selected 100% natural slavic hair that blends perfectly with your own hair. Our premium slavic hair is even more than the usual slavic hair available on the market. Each product (1-6 bundle) comes from a single donor, and it is never mixed together.

For example, there is no silicone layer in the hair as, for example, hair extensions from Asia and Europe generally have. All our hair comes from the regions of Northern Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, where the hair texture is similar to ours.

Our factory’s hair collectors negotiate the price with the hair donors based on the quality and length of the hair. The sale will only take place if the original donor of the hair is satisfied at the price. The hair is cut by dividing the hair into different parts with a rubber band. This ensures that all the hair is in the same direction. This is important to maintain hair quality and prevent tangling.

The coloring process is gentle, so the hair structure remains intact even in the lightest colors. You can choose from 2 different structures: straight or naturally curly. We can find the hair of your choice to create a perfect hair extensions.

Custom hair extensions

Customized order exactly according to your wishes.

You can order Slavic hair extensions, which are made exclusively for you!

We will make order to the factory according to the information you provided. Length, color, weight/quantity and texture.